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OpenELIS-Global (OE) is a Laboratory Information System used for tracking lab samples through the testing procedure. It is used around the globe, but mostly in the Ivory Coast, and is supported by a University of Washington group called I-TECH.

It is a Java based web application that has evolved to provide a feature rich environment for many labs that test for HIV and is compatible with other popular medical systems.

My Contribution

I was brought on as a consultant when I-TECH needed a security professional to assess the current state of the application so it could be deployed in a US government lab. This would require it to adhere to US government level security constraints. I compiled a report of all the security features that would need to be implemented as well as a list of changes that would need to happen to the codebase for it to be a secure, modern application.

I-TECH and I then worked together with the US government to outline a strategy for upgrading the application, and once that was complete I started development to secure the application.

Relevant skills

  • Struts 1
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Jsps
  • Apache Tiles
  • Maven
  • HL7 message transfer
  • Javascript
  • Ajax
Personal project



GiftHub is a personal project that I work on in my spare time. It's main purpose is to be a testing ground to try out technologies that I may have to use for other projects. In theory it is going to replace all those lists that I have saved on my computer trying to track gift ideas that I have for friends and family (like a reverse wishlist) but it is still very early days.

Relevant skills

  • Spring
  • Oauth2
  • Hibernate
  • Thymeleaf
University of Calgary

Group Project Assistance


Group Project Assistance (GPA) was a web application meant for coordinating group projects. It was a school project that I did in my first software engineering class.

Relevant skills

  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Amazon file hosting


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